Britta Products Solar String Lights, 48 by 48-Inch


Britta Products Solar String Lights, 48 by 48-Inch

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Our solar led lattice light is a perfect solution for adding garden lighting to gates, trellises, fencing, walls and other structures.

Unlike most string lights, this product is configured as a lattice net and covers an area of about 48″ x 48″. As a LED net, it is perfect for placing on gates, walls, lattice work and other areas in your garden where you’d like to cover a large area with LED lighting.

Powered by a solar panel and powerful internal 400 mah ni-mh rechargeable battery, the 78 cool white leds produce quite a bit of light.

Fully waterproof and weatherproof, the solar panel contains an on/off switch and has about 6′ of wire between the panel and the lattice to provide for optimal placement of the panel where it will receive the most direct sunlight.

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Weight2 lbs

Technical Specs

  • Solar powered lattice led light set-78 leds in a lattice net about 48″ x 48″
  • Perfect for use on fences, gates, trellises, pergolas and other structures
  • Turns on automatically at dusk and provides 6-8 hours of light
  • Cool white leds provide a bright lighting effect
  • Powered by a waterproof solar panel with internal 400mah rechargeable battery (replaceable when needed-expect 1.5 years of service)
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