Festive Metal Star String Lights (Indoor)


Festive Metal Star String Lights (Indoor)

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Inspired by Nordic Christmas ornaments, our metal star string lights transform ordinary spaces into festive and brightly lit decorations. Powered by a small UL-approved 110 Volt plug-in low voltage power supply, the 30 metal stars, each wrapped with fine metal wire, shine and glimmer brightly from their internal warm white LEDs. Brighter than typical outdoor sting lights, these 2.5″ metal stars are suitable for decorating Christmas trees, wreaths, table decorations, window treatments and more. A truly unique way to beautify your Christmas tree, Wedding, Living room, Party space, Dining area and indoor spaces. Packaged as a set of thirty(30) metal strings, placed about 11″ apart on a 30′ wire length. Connectors at both end permit you to connect the included wall power supply and link up to 3 additional strings together (sold separately).

  • A unique set of thirty (30) 2.5″ diameter metal stars with internal warm white LEDs
  • A charming decorative LED star string light – 30 stars, about 11″ apart – 30′ total length
  • Brightly lit and powered by a small plug-in type wall power supply (similar to a cell phone charger)
  • A beautiful and unique way to decorate holiday Christmas trees, wreaths, center pieces, couch tables, window treatments and more
  • Beautifies your home and outdoor spaces (indoor use only). Connect up to 4 strings (purchased separately) together using a single power supply.
  • Added safety:  uses a low-voltage 3.2V power supply (similar to a cellphone charger) to power the strings.

Additional information

Weight1.5 lbs

Technical Specs

  • 30′ length
  • 30 Metal stars
  • Star diameter of 2.5″
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