Luminous Solar String


Luminous Solar String

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Our top selling and unique Luminous Glow Solar Strings are among our best looking outdoor lighting products. The set of twelve (12), 2.5″ (7 cm) spheres are made of a durable off-white textured EVA material that looks charming when hung along shrubs, branches, trellises and garden areas. At dusk, the spheres glow warmly with a rich yellowish light that adds elegance to any surroundings.

The generous 18″ spacing between spheres permits the string to cover a 16′ distance. There’s additional 7.6′ length of wire between the solar panel and first sphere to permit locating the solar panel in the best location for optimum sun, using either the ground stake or included building/post attachment kit.

The solar panel uses a high quality amorphous type panel and an internal 800mA NiMH battery to provide many hours of illumination. Fully waterproof, the panel and spheres look great when placed in trees, along fences or gates, from a trellis or anywhere you’re adding atmosphere and elegance to an outdoor space.

Powered by the sun, the lamps illuminate automatically at dusk. With good sun exposure, expect 6 to 8 hours of illumination or more, as performance is directly related to the amount of sunshine received (summer sun results in the lamps glowing for over 10 hours).

We love our Luminous Glow Solar Strings and know you will too. Also see our longer SSR-02B and SSR-03B versions that offer 16 spheres and colored LEDs and/or colored spheres.


  • Twelve (12), 2.5″ spheres
    Solar powered
    Turns on automatically at dusk

Additional information

Weight2.2 lbs

Technical Specs

  • 16′ total length
    18″ spacing between spheres
    7.6′ of additional wire between solar panel and first sphere
    Includes ground stake and building attachment kit
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