Solar Hanging Garden Light & Table Candle Light


Solar Hanging Garden Light & Table Candle Light

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This decorative solar lamp is designed for use as EITHER a hanging tree lamp or a table-top candle lamp. Its stainless steel top and removable hanging arm and decorative hook accent the frosted poly-carbonate lens. The internal WHITE LED is a super-bright type that produces a much brighter light than standard candle lights (4 lumen).

Fully waterproof and weatherproof, this lamp looks great hanging from branches or as a table-top accent light in your outdoor living spaces. Equipped with a high-efficiency solar panel and internal 500mAH NiMH rechargeable battery, expect up to 6 to 8 hours of performance when the lamp receives direct sunlight. Since performance is directly related to the amount of light received, place the lamp in an optimum location for best results.

Packaged one lamp per box. Choose either the Cool White LED or Amber LED version.

Model numbers:

– SW265A = Amber LED
– SW265W = White LED


  • Solar decorative hanging tree light OR candle light
  • Waterproof/Weatherproof design with stainless steel top, removable bracket and decorative hook
  • Bright White lighting is much brighter than standard candle lights (4 lumen output)
  • Frosted poly-carbonate lens creates a soft lighting effect
  • Ideal for creating atmosphere in outdoor spaces; Packaged one lamp per box

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